Main areas of activity

RBE Group is a multidimensional holding company, working in the professional services sector since 2004.

Our main areas of activity are food production, industrial-scale food production, steward services, catering (including catering on transport), cleaning, engineering maintenance and service, and energy services.

RBE group contributes to the development of industrial production and to the strengthening of the economy in Russia , creating comfortable working conditions for businesses of varying sizes all over Russia, including in the railway industry.

Our mission

We help you to develop your business in order to provide a comfortable working and living environment.

Our aim

   To provide companies in the industrial and service sectors with a complete, high-quality service for managing and running non-core business functions.

   To produce high-quality food and non-food items which ensure maximum health and comfort for the Russian consumer.

Our principles:




Social accountability

RBE Group manages its operations with ethics and integrity and we have a social accountability strategy that is continually evolving. We have created new jobs all over Russia. We recognise the value of our staff, and strive to provide them with the best working environment and professional development opportunities.

RBE Group cares about its clients and partners comfort, and offers them a wide range of high quality services.

We care about the environment and its ecological impact. We make use of the latest environmentally-friendly products and technological innovations on our clients and partners sites, as well as on our own production sites.

The health and safety of our consumers is always our priority when producing food and non-food items.

We strive to make everyone's lives safer and more comfortable!


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The companies Dinner, Service Max and KSR form the basis of RBE Catering. These companies have years of experience in the catering industry, and have proved themselves to be responsible and reliable suppliers. is the RBE Group's brand in the corporate catering market. It specializes in the development and carrying out of projects in the catering and food-organization spheres. High quality service and the professionalism of staff guarantee the best results for customers.

One of RBE's most important business areas is transport catering, represented by the company ESP-Service, a market-leading transport catering company.



ESP (Integrated Food Network) is a high-tech operation in Moscow and St. Petersburg producing ready-made and semi-prepared meals for passengers of the Federal Passenger Company and Sapsan high-speed trains.

The production capacity of ESP allows them to produce up to 7.3 million meals a day.

One of ESP's business areas is production for HoReCa businesses and retail chains.



RBE Market is a one-stop location for all food-production purchasing for corporate catering, restaurants, and chain-stores.

The company was created for the optimization of operational activities and logistics.

The company also supplies unique soup concentrates under the brand name Your Chef.




RBE cleaning carries out large-scale projects in the industrial cleaning sector. Our staff are well-trained in the specifics of cleaning all kinds of structures and have experience of working in all areas of Russia.

The company has the highest standards of service delivery and is constantly implementing complete solutions, including updating to the latest energy saving technologies.



RBE offers complete solutions for the maintenance and service of engineering networks of buildings and structures. Our years of experience allow us to promise our customers the very highest standards of work.

For each customer we develop an optimal maintenance and service plan based on the condition and specific requirements. RBE maintenance and service are certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2008




RBE specialists have experience in optimizing energy consumption in various businesses. The result is a reduction in energy expenses and resource consumption.